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Process Engineer - Gasification

Process Engineer - Gasification

Our client is a TOP global Oil&Gas Player, we are seeking a Process engineer - Gasification
Familiar with Membrane Unit, Membrane Permeate Section, and PSA Units of HYDROGEN RECOVERY UNIT.
Familiar with systems associated to HCN / COS Hydrolysis Unit, Methanol Absorber Section, Flash Gas Section, Regeneration Section, Solvent drain, make-up and storage of Acid Gas Removal Unit.
Familiar with Gasification process, Soot Ash Removal Unit and Sour Water Stripper Unit.
Process Engineer - Gasification

Familiar with Key Gasification Equipment performance monitoring and troubleshooting considering industrial lesson learned, best practices and plant design.
Familiar with Oxygen System safe operations and required safe guards for associated risk. 
Have the ability, skills and knowledge to optimize plant performance from safety, reliability, economic and environmental aspects for Gasification, Soot Ash Removal, Acid Gas Removal, Sour Water Stripper and Hydrogen.

Estado: Ar Riyad
Categoria: oil & gas

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